3 Ways These Star Shutters Will Make You See Stars

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There are various ways you can rate plantation and California styled shutters. Stars can be given for their quality, durability, and care-ability. Shutters can be used in many different room designs and home types. As I’ve been raised in the window covering industry, I’ve seen just how magical the final room touches, shutters Toronto can have on any given space.

Get Star Shutters For Your Home…

Take a newly built home for example. A year or two ago the owners called Marco & his team to custom make professionally stained California shutters. Additionally due to the novel nature of the window shapes on the upper floor of this majestic Mississauga home, custom shutters had to be designed to fit that shape. Call it a star shutter job if you’d like to. What I’ve taken away from experiences like that is that stars for any California or plantation shutter company , ought to be rated higher on the quality than the service which they are professing to be ‘unbeatable’.

With that said here are 3 Tips to Get the Star Shutters of Your Dreams.

  1. BeWare of Low Quality Shutters – They Will Make You See Stars

  2. BeWare of Cash Shutter Deals – No Stars Come With Their Warranties.

  3. BeWare of Surprisingly Low Shutter Prices


  1. Stars Shutters Tip 1:  BeWare of Low Quality Shutters.

    Beware of Low Quality Star Shutters

    California Star Shutters start at the point of sale. In terms of Window Coverings, every home needs them. A good picture of the quality and durability of any window covering and shutter starts with the salesman. Whether that salesman is pushing his own products or is actively engaged in selling products under the table, every salesman tells herself or has trained himself to believe that her product deserves the highest star rating. Disregarding, what the actual product quality might be – they sell what they think will make them profit. Usually, this comes at the expense of your bank account. Because quality or no quality, they’ve got you. If price is your concern here are some excellent shutter buying tips to get the star shutters at the best cost.

  2. Stars Shutters Tip #2 : BeWare of Cash Deals

    Cash Star Shutter Deals Wont ProfitLot’s of window treatment companies in Toronto do business how it should be done. Others may engage in ‘under the table’ business. I would be careful to take that ‘cash deal’ next time you’re presented with one. Why? Companies are not obliged to replace your shutters if there is no proof that you’ve paid for them. By Ontario and Canadian law if you don’t have a receipt or proof of payment with your purchase, there’s nothing the government can force your window covering provider to do. Make sure you get the receipt, even if you are a cash only home renovator.

    Star Shutters made properly will last for longer than 25 years if kept correctly. Let’s face it – wear and tear will happen. Your dog might get excited and think your newly installed vinyl shutters are a chew toy. Additionally, your kids might use your new california patio doors shutters as a ‘fake’ hockey net. In the end, you need to be sure that your warranty that comes with your new custom california shutters is one that meets the full conditions of the quality of the product you are purchasing.

  3. Stars Shutters Tip #3: BeWare of Low Shutter Prices.

    Low California Star Shutter Prices Might Be BadSurprisingly Low Wood or Vinyl Shutter Prices can only mean one thing – CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. In other words, you get what you pay for. Consumers negative experiences with cheap wood shutters,  have given them a bad ‘rap’ so to speak, around town. But wood shutters created to A Divine Design’s Standard – ought to last as long or even longer than the windows on your home do. When scanning reviews from customers who have purchase cheap wood shutters or budget saving vinyl shutters in the past, they’ve come back with one thing when they purchased shutters a second time (from us).

    They didn’t care for the price, but they DID care for the Quality. In the end, quality speaks – cheapness reaks. I you are purchasing a low priced shutter, remember, you get what you pay for. If you’re still think buying cheap california shutters is the way to go, here’s some reasons why cheap california shutters will make you frown in the long run.



Remeber, be sure to purchase star shutters that meet your standards for design, quality and price. Low quality shutters will give you headaches that you could have avoided. But only if you saved for their higher quality counterpart. Be careful, companies can’t honour your warranty if there is no proof of payment. Finally, price should not be your main deciding factor when purchasing custom window coverings and shutters of any type. Here are some useful links that will provide more clarification about the cost of california star shutters and will establish the standard price of california shutters in toronto that you should expect.


Need Shutters that Won’t Make You See Stars? New Home, Old home to Bungalows and Condos, our experienced shutter professionals will match you with the right star shutters for you and your home.


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