3 Window Covering Toronto Company Secrets You Must Know About

3 Window Coverings Toronto Company Secrets You Should Know About

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Shopping for Window Coverings Toronto? Before you start, just understand that there are A LOT of options out there that promise to be the ‘best coverings’ for your windows. Now I get it, some people don’t care about the interior aesthetics that quality coverings provide a room’s windows. For these, it is alright for them to go to ‘Blinds to Go’ and purchase a ‘sale covering’ at a special discounted rate. But then again, you may be that client who is looking for high-quality window treatments that will last as long as your home & windows do.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you’ll be paying tremendously more for something you can get at a discount retailer, BUT you will get quality. Logically, as quality increases, so does the price. But don’t let this scare you. These 3 Toronto Window Covering secrets will give you the in’s and out’s on how to find the best quality window treatments in Toronto for the best price. Before you continue let me give you some food for thought.

  1. What’s your home style and how do you look to complement it?

  2. How will I know that I’m getting what I pay for.

  3. Who’s telling the truth if they’ve priced me for similar products?

  4. How prone are you to making buying decisions after you’ve read good reviews?

Now, that brings me to my first Window Coverings Toronto Company Secret.

Window Coverings Toronto Secret #1: Know Your Style and Find Products that match it.

A more decisive buyer always feels happier after the purchase. As a consumer, it is your job to buy informed, that being said, the buying process should start long before you get the idea to replace or purchase new window coverings for your home. I’ve listed a few interior design style tips that may help you identify what window treatments are best for YOUR style.

  1. What is your colour scheme?

    Gary McBournie reveals how he chooses the colour for head-to-toe home makeovers. First, he starts with the palette for the whole house then he attacks each room separately. Color scheme is important when purchasing any window treatments.

    Interior Design Tips Choose Home Colour Scheme

    If you are renovating or re-decorating your home get your colour scheme defined before you begin shopping for window coverings.

    On the fabric side, shades & sheers can come in various colours & materials. Is your look minimalistic & contemporary or something more classical? Choose the blinds, shades or shutters that will complement the colours & flow of the design through your home.

  2. Why not give your trim a splash of color?

    In the past people have painted their trims, ’50 shades of white’. In modern times adding a splash of colour to your trims may be something you’d want to consider. Draperies and shutters will complement any coloured trim. If you are looking to buy wooden window coverings like custom California shutters, it is recommended that you match the colour of the trim to that of the wood plantation shutter.

    Custom Draperies Toronto

    Check out how the draperies complement the green trim. Changing trim colour can be an effective way to alter the dynamics of any room setting.

    As Designer Meg Braff points out, “Window trim is an often-overlooked opportunity to make a statement.”

  3. Have a more neutral taste?

    Look to amplify your neutral look with textures from various different materials including but not limited to wood, cotton velvet, raw silk. Neutral is in. Because of that many of our wood shutter clients have installed Toronto’s Newest Designer grade shutter. The team at California Shutters Toronto has constructed an interior wood shutter that ads texture to any neutral toned room environment.

    How does it do that? Well, the Toronto Shutter, as they call it, has crown moulding built into the side-front faces of all their shutters. This shutter has made marks as a top contender for best window covering of 2017. Heck, they’ll have our vote.


Now that you’re thinking about your room style, it’s time to start talking about how to vet the window covering companies that will give you quotes.

Window Coverings Toronto Company Secret #2: Know what window treatment you’ve been priced for.

Be warned. Many window treatment companies don’t provide you with the product which they’ve priced you for. If you are looking for Hunter Douglas Shades, make sure you get priced for the right one before you sign and buy something that will not live up to your design standards. If you are looking for wooden blinds or California shutters, make sure the quality of the product you are quoted matches.

Many window treatment professionals will not quote you for the same product.

Now window treatment buying in Toronto can get confusing. There are various dealers which sell manufacturers products. Then there are also various different manufactures which make each product according to their own specifications.

This is true in the plantation shutter manufacturing industry where not all companies actually give you what they sell you. OK sure, if you are going to buy cheap plantation shutters, you will end up with a bad product that you will have to replace in the future anyways. BUT why even consider making that mistake in the first place?

This guide by California Shutters Toronto proves that there are various differences even in California shutter prices in Toronto.

Various California Shutter Prices in Toronto

The fact is. You won’t make that mistake if you know what you’re buying. So we’ve compiled a list of

7 questions you should ask a Toronto Window Treatment Company when they quote you.

  1. Who manufactures these window shades?
  2. Where are these window coverings manufactured?
  3. What material(s) is this made of? (BE warned – china labeled products may have problems down the road)
  4. Is there a warranty on this window treatment? If so, what does it cover.
  5. Have you completed any other jobs in my area? Oh, really, great! I would love to stop by and see how happy they are with your products & services.
  6. What will happen if I find that another company quotes me less for the EXACT SAME Toronto window covering?
  7. When will you be installing my window treatments? (the average installation times for Toronto window covering companies is between 2 to 6 weeks)

Now that you’ve asked your potential window treatment provider that list of questions, make sure you record their response and compare them to the other quotes you plan to get. For the best results, aim to get between 2 and 4 quotes for any window covering product you’ve considered getting.

Window Coverings Toronto Secret #3: Read & Confirm their reviews before you buy.

Many windows coverings Toronto professionals don’t have as much of an elaborate reviewer base as they say they do.  This secret will change the way you interact with any kind of home improvement professional.

Now a company may have a lot of reviews, but how many of those reviews have been validated. Let’s take our A Divine Design Inc’s Homestar’s page for example.

Divine Window Coverings Best Homestars Reviews


Notice, we have lots of beneficial reviews, how do you know if any of these reviews are worth their salt. Firstly, we don’t have time to make separate accounts to review ourselves. Secondly, all the reviews are vetted by homestar’s staff for authenticity.

Now if you look at our Google My Business Reviews, how could you possibly identify that these two reviewers were authentic? These look authentic don’t they?

Best Divine Window Coverings Toronto Reviews

Well, to be honest the only way to do so is to ask them a question about that review.

Note: Generalized reviews should caution you. Most people who love the job we do go into detail about how and why our divine window covering specialists overwhelmed them in good and bad ways.


Now you know just a little bit more about the window coverings Toronto buying process . Now every window covering company is not perfect, and even we make some mistakes occasionally, but those mistakes don’t define our integrity. Our integrity is based on our creed to deliver the best high-quality window coverings Toronto to all our clients.

So, what stage our you at in your window treatment buying journey? Are you interested in classical shades or more modern California shutters? Have room for another quote? The professionals at divine window coverings will be pleased to help you find the right product for your home, day in, day out.


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