8 Best Hunter Douglas Blinds 2017

8 Hunter Douglas Blinds That Will WOW You.

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Hunter Douglas Blinds are for


Every Budget.

Every Lifestyle.

Hunter Douglas has an almost complete monopoly in the window covering industry. Since 1964 they have revolutionized the art of window dressing. That said since then the Hunter Douglas blinds collection has grown to incorporate every window treatment style known to man. Literally. Just check out what products they have here.

If you are looking for the right Hunter Douglas blind for your new home or condo, there are lots to choose from. From soft fabric silhouettes to solid wood blinds, Hunter Douglas offers a diverse array of window treatments for any style, taste & budget. It can Almost Be overwhelming sometimes to choose the right window covering combination for your home. But it IS possible. The team at Divine Window Coverings Have

But it IS possible.

The team at Divine Window Coverings have chosen the 10 Best Hunter Douglas Blinds, Shadings and Window Coverings that money can buy. Here’s a prelude of our top 3 picks this season.

  1. Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick#1 – Silhouette Window Shadings

  2. Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick#2 – Duette Honeycomb Shades

  3. Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick#3 – Parkland Classics Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #1: Silhouette Window Shades.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #1 Silhouette Window Shadings

Silhouettes are a premium Hunter Douglas Window Shading. It is made of soft adjustable fabric S-vanes that move and tilt between two sheer fabric panels at your command. Hunter Douglas silhouettes are soft fabric based versions of the increasingly more popular California shutters. If you like the California shutter look, but are looking for a softer choice for your bedrooms or living spaces, the Allustra line of silhouette ClearView window shadings is for you. This Hunter Douglas product is available with Powerview motorization.

There are other features to consider that makes the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings our  Best Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick of 2017.

  • Silhouette ClearView Shadings allow increased viewability through the fabric panes, to give you a clearer view of your exquisite surroundings.
  • Silhouette Duolite is one of most distinguished Hunter Douglas silhouette products available today. What is it? Think room darkening and beauty all in one. The Silhouette Duolite is a seamless combination of a Silhouette shading with an independently operated room-darkening roller shade hiding behind it.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

This is one of the products featured in Hunter Douglas’ Summer Savings Event. Receive a $100 rebate with each set of 3 silhouette window shades purchased. Receive a $200 rebate when your silhouette window shadings are furnished with Power View Motorization.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #2: Duette & Duette Architella Honey Comb Shades.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #2 Duette Cellular Shades

Recipient of the 2017 Red Dot Design Award. The Bees are not the only species in the animal kingdom that need honeycombs in their living space. Homo Sapiens have recently hopped on that wagon, and it looks like we won’t hop off anytime soon. This new yet elegant cellular window shade has received the most distinguished designation in the world of design. The Next Generation of the Honeycomb Shade boasts sleek, stylish new hardware, elite new fabrics, and various colour options. Simply put. Streamlined Beauty.  Here’s What made the New Generation Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shade one of our top contenders for this list in 2017.

  • Energy Efficiency. The New Generation Honeycomb Shade is praised for its energy efficiency. Why? Because it can save you up to 30% on your heating & cooling costs depending on the fabric chosen.
  • Sound Absorption. This Hunter Douglas Blind tops the list of acoustic lengthening, sound absorbing window shadings if there ever was one.
  • Hunter Douglas’ Vertiglide technology offers the best vertical solution for large stretches of windows & sliding glass doors.
  • Top-Down Bottom-Up Feature.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

This is another product featured in Hunter Douglas’ Summer Savings Event. Receive a $100 rebate with each set of 4 Duette cellular shades purchased. Receive a $200 rebate when 4 Duette window shadings are furnished with Power View Motorization.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #3 : Parkland Classics Wood Blinds.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #3 Parkland Classic Wood Blinds


Looking for a more rustic look that won’t break the bank? Hunter Douglas’ Collection of premium wood blinds may be up your alley. Made from hardwoods harvested from responsibly managed forests, these 100% Basswood blinds make up the largest wood blinds collection in North America. Best yet they’re available in bright whites & rich modern stains, so there will always be a product to match your design needs. Here are some features that put this wood blind collection at the top of our list.

  • The de-light feature is an optional upgrade that eliminates annoying spots of light present in the original product.
  • Parkland Wood Cornices are perfect top treatments for all hunter Douglas window coverings. They will literally make your room pop.
  • Power View Motorization. A motorization option is available for all parkland classics wood blinds.  Tilt your window coverings at a touch of a button with ease!
  • Arbor Day Foundation Donation. For Every Parkland wood blind that you will purchase, Hunter Douglas, Donates a percentage of your purchase to the Arbor Day Foundation to support its effort to plant and preserve trees in rain forests around the world.
  • Affordable pricing & financing options.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #4: Pirouette Window Shades.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Sheers

I know what you may be thinking how could the term ‘pirouette’ be used to describe window shadings? The term that describes the twisting of a ballerina on one leg, has also gained traction in innovating the art of window fashions all over the world. So, what is it exactly? Well, simply put Pirouette shadings are Hunter Douglas blinds (shades) that are comprised of multi-movable fabric vanes that are attached to a single sheer backing. I personally like the image of pirouettes to the look of a silhouette. Partly because the pirouette allows greater movability of the sheers that are attached to the backing – giving a shutter like feel to a soft, elegant window covering.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #5: Vignette Roman Shades.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #5 : Vignette Roman Shades

This is one of the best Roman Shades available on the market. It will literally have you running back to Rome. Looking to time travel? Well, this is a more realistically affordable option that will give you the same satisfaction. Are you looking for an energy efficient roller shade option? Well, the Architella Vignette collection adds that extra level of insulation needed in the hottest and coolest seasons to save you money. Looking for stacking options? They’ve got that covered. Just ask our window covering specialists for the tiered vignette when we quote you.

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #6: Luminette Vertical Sheers.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Vertical Sheers

Hunter Douglas Luminettes are the most distinguished Vertical Window Sheers money can Buy. And for good reason…The vertical fabric vanes can rotate up to 180 degrees in one direction. This allows you to control the amount of light that penetrates your shades. This is an excellent upgrade to the original hunter Douglas vertical blinds. This hunter Douglas blinds collection comes with the famous SofTrak hardware system. Furthermore, the same fabric covering your luminette will cover this track giving you a refined look that will last as long as your home. Interested?

This is another featured window shadings in Hunter Douglas’ Summer Savings Event.


Hunter Douglas Designer Roller ShadesHunter Douglas Blinds Pick #7: The Alustra Collection Designer Roller Shades.

This new innovative designer roller shade will make you happy. It doesn’t just look good – the unique blend of special fibers and compelling designs creates a distinctive light filtration not present in other roller shades you’d consider buying. Why is it on our list. We’ll in addition to its novel design, Hunter Douglas just recently introduced a new custom clutch in their designer roller and screen shade collections. This clutch takes the smooth operation to a whole-notha’-level but I’ll let you determine that when you see it in action. Our Team will help you choose the right roller shades for your home!

Hunter Douglas Provedance Wooven Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Blinds Pick #8: Provenance Woven Wood Shades.

I was talking to Tarzan last week and he was captivated by the precision of this next product. These woven wood shades are hand woven from light filtering woods, grasses and reeds (right from the jungle) and are probably made by Tarzan himself to capture your heart. All jokes aside Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades will be a beautiful addition to any room setting. If you’re interested in bringing the beauty of the jungle into the comfort of your own home, these are the window blinds for you.



If you are in the market for Hunter Douglas Blinds and happen to live in southern Ontario, please feel free to contact our window covering specialists at any time! We carry numerous regular semi-opaque and other blackout blinds from various premium Canadian Manufacturers! One of our expert window covering specialists will help you find the best product that fits YOU! Not looking for Hunter Douglas products? Check out our California Shutters page to see how you can get your hands on the most divine shutter in Canada. [Oh ya, and if you are looking for shutters, stay away from the cheap ones…]

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