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Looking for Shutters in Toronto? Our team of window covering and shutter experts have put together the largest collection of window shutters available in Canada. And don’t let price fool you. We make quality interior shutters and provide them to you at prices that won’t put a dent in your bank account!!

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What’s the difference between plantation shutters and california shutters?

If you’re looking for interior shutters, there are two main styles you can choose from. These styles are defined by their slat width. Plantation shutters, which have 3 ½” slats are the most popular interior shutters that are sold in Toronto. Regular California shutters are made with 2 ½” slats are less popular.

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If you’ve landed on this page, be sure to remember to book your free in home quote. Here our window shutter experts will come to your home to show you the wide variety of california shutter products available for purchase. They will expertly measure your windows and give you a quote based on your window dimensions and product choices that you’ve selected. Be sure to ask him/her about our window shutter deals that change on a daily basis. Here are some of the shutter styles you can ask us to bring during your complementary in home consultation!

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Shutters can be made with a varying degree of materials. Some materials like cheap vinyl or poorly packed mdf or composite wood-and-vinyl mixtures make for a cheaper product that won’t last the test of time. The best shutters one can purchase, are those made with premium woods and the highest quality vinyls. This doesn’t just stop with the materials used. The entire manufacturing process of California Shutter production determines its product lifetime. Many companies who profess that the sell the ‘best wood shutters’ compromise on the paint used when finishing the product. These providers use a sub-par water based wood finish that will yellow, crack and peel in high heat and high humid environments. Our team of experts concluded that cheap california shutters are definitely not the best option for your home.

Good thing is, there are premium wood shutter manufacturers like ourselves and others in Toronto who make their products up to Hunter Douglas’ standard to give customers a shutter that will last longer than their windows. Here we list the most popular interior shutters that we sell here at A Divine Design.