Where to Buy The 2 Best Custom California Blinds in the GTA.

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Window Covering Companies offer different types of California styled window coverings that range from custom California blinds to custom California shutters. But what window coverings are the right ones for your home? California Blinds are different than Roman Blinds or roller shadings which boast a classical look and are mostly constructed out of fabric based materials. Custom California Blinds boast a modern and simplistic look. They are mainly constructed out of hard raw materials such as wood, vinyl or composite materials. There are various Custom California Blinds available for purchase in Canada. These vary in price depending on the manufacturer and the service provider.

Here are some of the Best California Blinds Manufacturers in the city:

(The last two are local manufacturers, the top two offer their custom window treatments North America Wide!)

  • Custom California Blinds by Hunter Douglas

  • Custom California Blinds by Shade-O-Matic

  • Custom California Blinds by Delor

  • Custom California Blinds by California Shutters Toronto.

Before I continue explaining what products from the companies above are the best for your home, I do want to answer some of the questions that you might have pertaining to California blinds that are on the market in the GTA region.


What are the best blinds for specialty windows?

Now if you just bought a new home or are currently under construction and renovating, what are the options you have to cover those specialty arches, bay windows or extra-large patio doors?  Custom homes need custom made California blinds that were hand crafted specifically for that window. Over my years of experience in the window covering industry, I’ve come to know that California shutters and specialty window shadings are the best options for bay windows. California Shutters win the sole category for arches and patio doors. Just take a look – there is no fabric blind that can brighten up a room like a custom made Canadian California shutter can. [Insert photo here]


What about regular roller shades or silhouettes?

They can work in certain circumstances. Depending on what specialty window you would like to furnish. These roller shades or blinds work best in bedrooms, over patio French doors or bay windows.

Benefits of Custom California Blinds for Your Home

But if you like the rustic and modern look of custom hard wood window treatments – there is no better option than a custom-made California Shutter Blind. Now as Shutter Boys informs us the main difference between plantation blinds and California blinds is the slat width on the blind or shutter itself. Plantation styled window treatments boast a slat width of 3 ½” , while California styled window treatments boast a slat width of 2 ½”. Now, if you’re interested in purchasing a wooden or vinyl window covering… Which one should you choose?

There are numerous categories of California Blinds that each have their own benefits and downfalls.

Custom Wood or Composite Roller Blinds:

The first category of California blinds that can be purchased in the GTA are hardwood or wood-vinyl composite roller blinds. These Toronto Roller Blinds boast room darkening qualities between 80-90%. California blinds manufacturers string these roller blinds by cloth. Additionally, many offer a tilt able component so that you can adjust the slats to any opening that best suits you. These are priced on a per unit basis but the highest quality wood roller blinds can start as low as $100-250 per track, depending on the materials used and whether or not the blind is motorized.

California Roller Wood blinds are a good ‘first-step’ window covering if you don’t want to make the investment in their more expensive California Shutter Competitors. Be informed that fabric based roller blinds and sheers may offer better room darkening features. Also, they may add a softer look to the room whose windows you’re looking to furnish.


Custom Wood, Composite or Vinyl California Shutter :

The second category of California Blinds that stick out to consumers is the ever-increasing California Shutter. What is a California Shutter? Well Shutter Boys Defines it as “common wood or vinyl interior window coverings that let in light through the movement of vertical slats” that stay stationary to the rest of the wooden frame. Interior California styled Shutter Blinds are like hinged wooden doors that mount to the interior face of your window. It provides rustic elegance while adding to the home’s value by providing extra insulation. Thier unique design cannot be replicated by softer window treatments like silhouettes or similar styled roller shades.


If I peeked your interest in California shutter blinds, what price would you be paying?

California Shutters Toronto has an extensive Review on the prices of wooden plantation shutters in Canada. If you’re interested in purchasing a vinyl or polystain California shutter, shutter boys has a well described breakdown of 3 of the best Vinyl shutters available for purchase in Canada.

Are you looking for custom window coverings or window treatments in the GTA? If you’re on the market for a new home in the GTA, there is no better time to furnish your new home with a California shutter home upgrade. And the best part is you don’t have to get this type of home upgrade through the builder, you can go directly through GTA’s Best and most distinguished shutter manufactures!

However, before I give you that list there are a couple of things you should be mindful of before you purchase any California blind. Our experts have years of experience with installing window treatments of all qualities in numerous homes across the GTA and one thing is for certain, Cheap blind & shutters are not the best window coverings for your home.  (Just a side note – If you’ve had California blinds or shutters in the past and had a bad experience it because you didn’t know about these three ways to prevent you from ‘seeing stars’ from purchasing shutters in the GTA. )

Here is a list of the best Custom California Blinds & Shutter providers across the GTA:

Best California Shutters in Toronto:

Divine Window Coverings. I don’t need to toot our own horn… But if you have a new home in Toronto and are looking to furnish your windows with custom window coverings. Then, There is no better place to start than right here – our California and plantation shutter specialists will customize the best shutter in Toronto to your windows. Are you looking for a specialty shutters for arches, patio doors or bay windows. We are experts at that too. Make sure to contact out team at A Divine Design to learn why were the best window treatment company in Toronto.

Best California Blinds & Shutters in Hamilton :

This category goes to our friends at Shutter Boys. They are experts at fitting Hamilton homes with the best wooden vinyl California shutters available.

Best California Blinds & Shutters in Mississauga :

This category for best California shutters in Mississauga goes to California Shutters Toronto. They are the best shutter manufacturer in Mississauga and have a home office located near Glen Erin and Britannia road. Give them a call today if you live in this region! Furnish your windows with Halton regions best interior window shutter manufacture.

Top California Blinds in Burlington:

Our friends at California Shutters Toronto win our pick for Best California Shutters in Burlington.

Best California Shutters & Blinds in Barrie:

We give the category for best California shutters in Barrie to us! We’ve been serving Simcoe County for years now and our reviews from that region don’t lie!

Top California Blinds in Whitby:

We wanted to give ourselves the pick for best California shutter blind in Whitby. However, our friends at California Shutters Toronto are doing such a great job serving Durham region. So the pick for Best California Shutters in Whitby & Oshawa goes to them!




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